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Cyber Risk Management

Protect and preserve your company assets.

What steps are you taking to help PROTECT and PRESERVE your valuable company and client information?

STEP 1: Protect

PROTECT your firm by investing in a compliance management and auditing system. BreachPro's InfoSafe program provides you with a complete Cyber RIsk Management (CRM) system, making it simple and affordable to assess your risks, and then implement and maintain a formalized information security plan. InfoSafe provides the essential tools, documentation, reports, and expert support to help you get and stay compliant with all major federal, state, and industry regulations and standards.  Special ALA pricing available.

Learn more about the  InfoSafe Program at breachpro.com or email us today to schedule a demo .

STEP 2: Preserve

PRESERVE your assets by investing in a quality cyber liability insurance policy. A complete CRM system takes into account that even the most stringent security plan can still fall victim to a data breach. With the average cost incurred per stolen or lost record containing sensitive or confidential information rising to $158 in 2015 , planning for the worst-case scenario is a necessary proactive step in closing the cyber risk management loop.

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Protect and preserve your company assets.